Saturday, 21 October 2017

Schlaflose Nächte ‎– "Flüstern / Move" (Armageddon Records ‎– AS 019) 1981

Fittingly, James Last was the last German featured in the short Die Or DIY? trip around post-punk Germany......not that the King of Schlager has anything to do with post-punk in the slightest. He did however do a tune called "Schlaflose Nächte" on one of the myriad of albums that he produced in his lifetime. I get sleepless nights (English for Schlaflose Nächte) thinking of all those empty land-fill sites that James Last products could have filled adequately;and the billions of tonnes of natural resources that could have been saved had he not existed......but then we wouldn't have had the "Silver Machine/Children of the Revolution/Schools' Out" medley would we?
I first heard the words "Schlaflose Nächte" on the John Peel show, and I thought, 'Ah, another of those German groups innit?'.....but no, they were apparently Dutch? Singing in German(maybe because they had German members?), and having an unhealthily large amount to do with everything German.Hanging out with Einsturzende Neubauten, recording in Berlin, but slowly turning to the trendy  British style Industrial Funk of the 400 Blows, and 23 Skidoo variety.
This British released single, is a good example of where they were creatively in '81, its very post punk funk with an industrial smell about it. Pretty good indeed.

DOWNLOAD and cure those sleepless nights HERE!

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Andy Tithesis said...

Discogs told me this is the new wave. Is that true and should I bring swim trunks and a towel if so? My mum made me ask. Sorry.