Sunday, 29 October 2017

Rabbit Fun ‎– "Fatter Than Lydia Lunch" (Kaisettes 04) 1983

If Twenty minutes of abstract Dutch lo-fi DIY-garde nonsense from some group called 'Rabbit Fun' is your cup of tea.....and it's certainly mine; then this fuzzy tape is for you. Milk and two sugars please.

DOWNLOAD after lunch HERE!


Henk Madrotter said...

She did get a bit fat heh :)

WmPerry said...

Tom my shame i went fgoogle images to see about lydia = thats wasa 45 minutes of patriarchal oppression . >now shes old (she's my age 58) i want to fuck her more than i ever did, by miles - she seem like more than a sneer now.
I have brought shame upon my marginalized dwelling

Jonny Zchivago said...

Nothing wrong with a bit of honest weird sexual fantasy sharing.It does one good to get it all out in the open. i find Lydia Lunch unattractive,which for me is step one to me finding her attractive,and wanting the same unwholesome goal as you. Sexuality is where's that google image search page!?

WmPerry said...

that google image page: 35+ years of her in what amounts to a character costume : “The Bad Girl”™ The young lydia isn’t appealing but not an unfamiliar type in my youth when i was a disruptive element and drug fan in late 70’s NewJersey - She’ll take you to a party that turns out to be mostly Bikers and they are drinking Jimson weed tea for fucksake! A guaranteed traumatic bummer but…FREE to the canny fuck-wit who dares! Offered to guests in the same happy friendly way as psyloscibin mushrooms - a special treat. i left them to it unable to convince anyone that something potentially serious was going to happen in that house and the heads of the occcupants
The same Bad girl (hello Donna if you are out there. i hope it went better than the punishing catastrophes that seemed so clearly indicated) used me mercilessly as a weapon against her parents - i was shocked someone my age could be so cruel - she staged it so her mother walked in when she was blowing me, on her parents bed to boot, and just made small talk to her without moving an inch or letting go, like she’d been interrupted eating a bowl of cereal. I wish now i’d kept in touch just to know how it went. But not a safe friend to have. Jail loomed large in her daily possibilities
Uh-oh grandpa has derailed here - better stop him before he tells the children any more blow-job stories . Last week he told them that amphetamines make every project interesting.
I shoulda kept this reverie to myself, most likely the best choice. But i’ve typed it all out, and i’m SO lazy, and been up all night —6am? no wonder my brain doesn’t work.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Indeed, the every Nice girl loves a bad boy and every nice boy loves a bad girl thing is incredibly tiresome shit. I too was victim of this mislead ideal. I too was caught in flagrente delicto in a parents living room, I'm glad to say i escaped out of the window. Sadly I always wanted my own Ari Up as a companion.Even sadder is I found one, and had a child with her!I Now know that Ari Up was a complete Twat, and so is the mother of my wonderful daughter. We live in different countries now,can't get far enough away.