Thursday, 5 October 2017

Die Haut ‎– "Schnelles Leben" (Monogam ‎– 008) 1982

Die Haut, or translated, The Skin, were/are a Berlin group who played some kind of disjointed Post-Punk surf music instrumentals,with more than a nod towards Captain Beefheart's Magic Band. Contained a future 'Bad seed' on drums apparently.
Good stuff.


A1 Wilde Pferde 0:57
A2 Our Captain Speaking 1:51
A3 Spanisches Öl 1:10
A4 A. Karina 4:27
B1 Gefährliche Nächte 3:48
B2 Ticket Brasil-New York 1:57
B3 (Never Going Back To) 5th Avenue 3:38


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