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Rondos ‎– "Destroy The Entertainment" (King Kong Records KKR 008/009) 1978-1980

There were two rival Dutch Crass's, and one of 'em was Rotterdam's very own Rondo's (The other one was obviously The Ex), who liked left wing politics......A LOT!
The music is that standard Anarcho Punk style of endless ranting vocals over a hurried rag-tag backing. This stuff should never have been recorded for anything more than an EP, but they carried on until they decided to split after the "Red Attack" album,with their last single "Which Side Will You Be On?" they declared....... 
....."the rondos quit. this is our last record. we brought the rondos to a conclusion, because in our opinion we became too successful; and being successful means accepted. besides; a great part of the punk-movement is developing in a direction which is not ours; violence, alcohol, confirmation and commerce/business. but the struggle continues! we keep fighting with other means.
rondos september 1980

...very noble words,and beat Crass to it by four years.
This double album collects all their singles, the "Red Attack" album, and a live gig at 'De Quibus 15/10/7978.
If you like your Punk Rock formulaic,urgent,ranty,and preachy, then this is for you, and lots of it. If not, then just stick to an EP's worth.
As John Peel mentioned on the last track on side four; they sound incredibly English, as did The Ex!


A1 King Kong's Penis
A2 Wanna Go Home
A3 Hey Gigolo
A4 Russians Are Coming
A5 System
A6 City Of Fear
A7 We Don't Need No Speed
A8 If I Had A Hammer
A9 A Black & White Statement
A10 Which Side Will You Be On?
A11 Tools
A12 Teeth
B1 Intro (Instrumental)
B2 I Don't Wanna Smile
B3 Throwing Bricks Just For Kicks
B4 Nothing To Lose
B5 Just Another Loser
B6 022
B7 Summer Kings
B8 Gotta Kill A Cop Tonight
B9 Too Blind To See
B10 Orange Orange
B11 Tea And Tea
B12 City Boy
B13 Run For Fun
B14 Berlin
B15 We'll Drive Your Bananas
B16 Fascist Dreams
C1 A Black & White Statement 2:42
C2 Progress 2:37
C3 I Got No Time 1:17
C4 Colour T.V. & Kontrast 1:48
C5 System 1:10
C6 Anarchy 1:33
C7 Countdown & Twist 3:48
C8 Syphillips 1:59
D1 B-52 Pilot 2:47
D2 Soldiers 0:42
D3 We Don't Need No Speed 0:53
D4 A Waltz 2:09
D5 Vivisection 1:16
D6 City Of Fear 1:36
D7 I Don't Like The Rastaman 3:37
D8 Peacedilemma 2:46
D9 Russians Are Coming 3:15

Bonus Track:
12XU (Live 1979) 1:29


Henk Madrotter said...

Heh :)

This is the version that came out a few years ago, you're lucky you've got this one, I wanted it (on vinyl) but it was already sold out so I've got the cd box, but I also have the original vinyl and that one was called Red Attack. Had all the 7"es too but they were all stolen by a black punk from Amsterdam who called himself Iggy, he was staying in our squat house for a few days and I vaguely remember his dad was a heroin dealer and Iggy ran away from Amsterdam 'cause he knifed somebody there.... Bastard, I really would love to have all those ep' again....

I've only seen the Rondos play once, on the street, May 1979 with Bunker Oeso and The Railbirds, Ronnie Roteb was their singer and he was also singing in the Tandstickorshocks....

There's only a very little bit of footage from that concert:

And just for the hell of it, here's more from The Raibirds....

Jonny Zchivago said...

I tagged a version of seminal hardcore number "12XU" on the end....not sure where that came from? I think it was on the Shit-fi website years ago. I like versions of "12XU"...i might compile a compilation.

Henk Madrotter said...

Oh and by the way, if you're looking for more cool Rotterdam punk albums I can recommend this one:

Came out about a year ago, all very old recordings, saw them loads of time and the singer, Cor, was a good friend of mine, sadly he passed away many, many years ago, around '82 maybe '83.... Their drummer, Cees Meurs later went on to play with Kiem, you probably know them, he had a drum kit made out of old ship parts, saw them loads of times too, actually one of the best post-punk bands to come out of Rotterdam and I'll never forget the show he did together with the fabulous Dutch jazz drummer Han Bennink (who did a lot of stuff with The Ex too), that was just.... wild......

Unknown said...

Excelent band.

Andy Tithesis said...