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Various Artists ‎– Lieber Zuviel Als Zuwenig (ZickZack Sommerhits 81) (Zickzack ‎– ZZ 45) 1981

The ironically sub-titled "Lieber Zuviel Als Zuwenig (ZickZack Sommerhits 81)" on Hamburg based Zick Zack, has very little to do with summer as we know it. Maybe a lot to do with the summer of the "Neue Deutsche Welle"? Not that a lot of the acts on this record would admit to being part of it of course.....quite rightly.
It starts off with a danceable slab of British style Post-Punk then descends into a melange of  electronics,industrial,avant garde,straight new wave, and proto-goth.
Good to see the inclusion of a rare X-Mal Deutschland track, whose singer,Anja(can't remember her surname), was as close as one got to a teenage celebrity crush (Phwoooar!).I was also a great fan of her two note flat singing style,diametrically opposed to the vomit inducing over-singing of todays dumb 'X-Factor' generation....I prefer the 'X-Mal' Factor myself.
Frankly, anything with "Die Todliche Doris" and the lovely Anja on it, has to be good ...ja?


A1 –Front "Blech Und Liebe" 2:34
A2 –Kosmonautentraum "Nr. 10" 3:02
A3 –Aus Lauter Liebe "Ein Herz In Not" 2:45
A4 –Falsche Fahnen "Mutti, Ich Und Die Sonne" 0:02
A5 –Die Tödliche Doris "Überlieferung Josef Pfeuffer 3.6.76" 2:30
A6 –Abwärts "In The Summertime" 2:38
A7 –Andy Giorbino "Sxmmxr Zx Kxrz" 1:45
A8 –Saal 2 "Strandgefühle" 4:40
A9 –Nachdenkliche Wehrpflichtige "You Say You Don't Love Me (Tribute To Pete Shelley)" 3:25

B1 –Palais Schaumburg "Aschenbecher" 2:38
B2 –Einstürzende Neubauten "Bakterien Für Eure Seele" 3:44
B3 –Andreas Dorau "Sommer Im Dornrosental" 1:35
B4 –Die Zimmermänner "Ich Werde In Der Sonne Immer Dicker" 2:00
B5 –Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle "Eingeschlagene Schaufenster" 2:59
B6 –Vielleichtors "Ohne Titel" 2:05
B7 –Wirtschaftswunder "Eis" (Live) 2:30
B8 –X-Mal Deutschland "Kälbermarsch" 2:39
B9 –Die Radierer "Madagaskar" 1:17

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