Monday, 2 October 2017

S.Y.P.H. ‎– "Pst" (Pure Freude ‎– PF06CK3) 1980

Cif get pissed?
Whether it's pissed in the British sense of the word, in other words, Drunk; or, in the American sense ,Angry?.....more likely it's the onomatopoeic version, 'psst',as a whispered noise to gain someone's attention. Maybe they should have made a louder noise, because hardly anyone knew Syph existed.
Holger Czukay(RIP), he of CAN, knew they existed, because he produced/mixed and played on this record. And the group reciprocated by playing on his 1981 miesterwerk,"On The Way To The Peak Of Normal"(which you can find by clicking here).
This is SYPH's best record I reckon, so H.C. must have sprinkled his magic CANned fairy dust over the group and the music alike.In fact there are a few tunes that have a certain late period CAN feel about them, among the decidedly post-punk tuneage that dominates the first half of the album.


A1 Euroton 0:52
A2 Einsam In Wien (Lustlos) 5:32
A3 Moderne Romantik 3:01
A4 Lametta 3:50
A5 Modell 1:47
A6 Alpha & Vieta 1:35
A7 Nachbar 3:15
B1 Regentanz 8:43
B2 Stress 6:45
B3 Do The Fleischwurst 4:26


rex said...

I have this somewhere. Now I don't have to look. The track "On the way to the peak of normal" is just SYPH jamming for an hour and Holger cutting it up like he did with CAN.

Anonymous said...

Pst! means "be silent!" or "hush!" or "shut up!"
thanks for all your shares.

Anonymous said...

In the post-punk milieu things moved fast. At the time I read a review of this in NME, I bought this as a result, because that's what you did. I didn't know who they were and wasn't fluent in german, but I was aware of Holger Czukay because of Can. Who cares if they did or didn't make a loud enough noise, this a great record made by people who weren't in it for the money, a character trait which seems to infect much of everything these days. It encompasses much of the wide breadth of creativity that was moving outwards in great waves from the epicentre of the punk implosion/explosion.