Friday, 13 October 2017

Various ‎– "Klar! 80/82 Alles Oder Nichts" (Klar! 80 ‎– b/u 17) 1982

There's some 'name' acts on this Klar!80 compilation cassette....they got S.Y.P.H., and Der Plan spin off electronic act, 'Pyrolator'. Apart from that there's the usual mix of obscure Neue Deutsche Welle ,experimental Post Punk and minimal electronic tracks. It's all good stuff indeed.


A1 –Aqua Velva "Mildred" 2:30
A2 –Pyrolator "Vati Es Brennt" 4:20
A3 –Die Zwei "Kleiner Mond-Rap" 5:00
A4 –Ja ! Ja ! Ja ! "Die Wahrheit" 3:30
A5 –Xao Seffcheque & Der Rest "Mir Fehlen Die Worte" 4:00
A6 –Roter Stern Belgrad "Blas Dein Knie Ein" 3:40
A7 –Boss & Beusi "Small Talk" 1:25
A8 –TSE TSE F /RSB "Ohne Titel" 5:20
B1 –Aqua Velva "Schau Dabei Nicht Auf Die Uhr" 3:40
B2 –und Piloten "Umsturz" 4:00
B3 –Strafe Für Rebellion "Blaue Mlg" 4:20
B4 –Europa "Dein Zauber" 3:45
B5 –Shampoo (2) Frühling 0:30
B6 –S.Y.P.H. Wie Ein Filmriß 7:20
B7 –S.Y.P.H. Herrlich Anonym 2:26


Anonymous said...

I'd like to find out more? I'd like to find out more details.

Jonny Zchivago said...

?....well thats what the internet is for one supposses?I know nothing about the majority of groups/artists on these compilations.I'm sure there'll be someone on the internet who does.