Sunday, 22 October 2017

Schlaflose Nächte ‎– "The Angel Will Not Come" (Kremlin ‎– KR 010) 1983

By 1983, Dutch/Kraut combo Schlaflose Nächte, were well and truly victim of that 1983 Industrial Funk sound  popularised by 23 Skidoo and 400 Blows; but a considerably less funky version. Lots of sterile digital effects bounce around in the dark spaces, including that infamous eighties signature effect, the 'Gated Reverb'(Yuk!). Of course there's a solitary Trumpet and the obligatory cymbal-less electronic drums too. All sounds like a terrible recipe doesn't it? Its all so very dated compared to these far more organic times, where we know how to do digital subtly.
Virtually all of bessie mates, Einsturzende Neubauten guest on this recording by the way.


A1 In A Hurry
A2 Attempt
A3 The Angel Will Not Come
A4 Shiver
A5 Boy/Word
B1 Muscle Contraction
B2 Stimme Frisst Feuer
B3 Zerrissen
B4 Forced Labour

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