Sunday, 1 October 2017

S.Y.P.H. ‎– "S.Y.P.H." (Pure Freude ‎– PF 04 CK 2,) 1980

S.Y.P.H. obviously had pretensions to move beyond their musical ability and quickly marched on from incompetent Punk Rock to incompetent Post Punk, with a splash of Disco? The B-side of this album betrays an obvious flirtation with their Krautrock forebears; something that had been echoed in British post punk at around the same time.So does that make this a fashionable statement for 1980 or a healthy display of inspired development? Probably both.


A1 Zurueck Zum Beton 1:58
A2 Industrie-Maedchen 1:24
A3 Lachleute & Nettmenschen 2:15
A4 Unreif Für Die Zukunft 1:54
A5 Mercedes 1:22
A6 Chess Challenger 3:09
A7 What Happens? 2:44
A8 Heute Norm - Morgen Tod 1:45
A9 Untitled 1:28
B1 Partir 3:50
B2 Kein Ziel 12:32
B3 Kisuaheli 7:17

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