Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Various ‎Artists – "The Dial-A-Poem Poets" (Giorno Poetry Systems ‎– GPS 001) 1972

The first of the dial-a-poem albums by the Dial-A-Poem Poets. Which thankfully doesn't include any rock stars.Just a bunch of post-beat, post-hippie wordsmiths who can string more than a few words together......hang on...isn't that the too clever by half front-man from the Fugs?.....Oh God...there's Jim Carroll too!.....apart from that, you're safe.....and No Patti Smith,which can only be a good thing.Although Anne Waldman sounds exactly like Smith would sound when the praise started to be chucked in her direction like so much shit at a wall.
Bobby Seales' (the official Token Black on this predominantly white  Album) speech about 'Racism' is a particular low point. If only for the sound of the wild applause and cheering from the ,almost certainly, 'White' audience when he explains why he hates white people. "Woooo Yeaaaah,I hate White people too", screams the dressed -down stockbroker at the terminally hip 'Filmore,East' venue.If this terror ranter asked these middle class fools to shoot themselves,they may well have done it with an eagerness last seen in Jonestown.Just to prove they're not racists.....,by any means necessary......shit, I hate White People too,for different reasons.Can't say the same for Blacks,(although why should they be exempted from contempt?),or i'll be pulled up as racist by the same type of 'whites' who applauded so enthusiastically at the prospect of their own extinction. A rare example of Mass Jesus Christ syndrome in all its narcissistic glory.....Also displayed by 'White Panther'and MC5 guru idiot, John Sinclair.......sure we're ALL racist, but postive discrimination is And I can say this, because i'm a person of colour too...Pink.
"Everybody's Coloured or you wouldn't be able to see 'um." (Don Van Vliet,1972).

Wait!Isn't that Robin Williams of Mork and Mindy fame grinning in the background on the cover,or Jesus Christ?
That's obviously me in the foreground,on my way for afternoon creme tea and scones with Richard Hell at The Ritz.


A1 –Allen Ginsberg - Vajra Mantra 2:00
A2 –Diane Di Prima - Revolutionary Letters Nos. 7, 13, 16, 49 7:07
A3 –William Burroughs - Excerpts From The Wild Boys 6:53
A4 –Anne Waldman - Pressure 4:00
A5 –John Giorno - Vajra Kisses 8:20
B1 –Emmett Williams - Duet 1:50
B2 –Ed Sanders - Cemetery Hill 4:08
B3 –Taylor Mead - Motorcycles 1:52
B4 –Allen Ginsberg - Green Automobile 1953 6:30
B5 –Robert Creeley - The Messenger For Allen Ginsberg, I Know A Man 1:17
B6 –Harris Schiff - Poems 3:53
B7 –Lenore Kandel - Kali 2:20
B8 –Aram Saroyan - Not A Cricket 0:09
B9 –Philip Whalen - Excerpt From Scenes Of Life At The Capitol 3:07
B10 –Ted Berrigan - Excerpt From The Sonnets 2:35
C1 –Frank O'Hara - Ode To Joy, To Hell With It 4:52
C2 –Joe Brainard - Excerpt From I Remember 4:03
C3 –Clark Coolidge - Small Inventions: Suite V (Plurals) Secante, Suite IV 2:07
C4 –Jim Carroll - Excerpts From The Basketball Diaries 3:33
C5 –John Cage - Mushroom Haiku 4:55
C6 –Bernadette Mayer - These Stories About After The Revolution 1:50
C7 –Michael Brownstein - Geography 6:40
D1 –Brion Gysin - I Am That I Am 2:45
D2 –John Sinclair - The Destruction Of America 5:38
D3 –Anne Waldman - Holy City 2:05
D4 –Heathcote Williams - I Will Not Pay Taxes Until 4:50
D5 –David Henderson - The Louisiana Weekly No. 1 Ruckus Poem Part 1 2:00
D6 –Bobby Seale - Excerpt From Fillmore East Speech 3:10
D7 –Kathleen Cleaver - Excerpt From Fillmore East Speech 3:10
D8 –Allen Ginsberg - Blake Song: Merrily We Welcome In The Year 4:30

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