Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Moondog ‎– "Moondog 2" (Columbia ‎– KC 30897) 1971

Looking at Moondog on the sleeve of this album, he looks like he knows something that we don't. That's not saying much, as we, humanity, tend to know Fuck All about anything. His music seems to come from a universal consciousness that we disabled normals are too far up our own arseholes to detect.
Our Disability is that we're not disabled or terminally ill to appreciate life without the dense sump oil leaking from this awful machine that we've created to make our pitifully short existence in this domension worse than torture.
Moondog lost his sight due to a bizarre accident with Dynamite in his teenage years. Without that wonderful event this incredible music would never have happened, leading to a future world without Reich and Glass,or The Residents?...Perhaps,but as we've seen in many a science fiction story, the slightest change in history can result in a vast difference in the cause and effect results in the future. No Residents would have meant that man who invented the perfect intelligent android clone for humans wouldn't have been distracted enough not to invent our own replacements. So Moondog saved human civilisation? that case maybe young Louis shouldn't have been blinded and become as idiotic as us. A different alternative scenario exists for Glass and Reich, probably involving hypnotising the populus to blindly elect  thee stupidest president ever to grace the oval office and start world war three,the last war.....not the war to end war,but the war to end existence. In that alternative future, it would be essential that Moondog be blinded. Now it gets complicated. so its Moondogs fault we got Trump, but ......i dunno, fuck it...there is only NOW! that wise old sage Chuck Manson used to say.
Bacically, I love this album, and I love Moondog. This is pure music,channeled from somewhere we ordinary fuckers could never comprehend.So listen and enjoy and don't think too much.


A1 Bells Are Ringing 1:19
A2 Voices Of Spring 1:47
A3 What's The Most Exciting Thing? 2:31
A4 All Is Loneliness 1:16
A5 My Tiny Butterfly 1:12
A6 Why Spend A Dark Night With Me? 1:09
A7 Coffee Beans 2:10
A8 Down Is Up 1:07
A9 Be A Hobo 1:09
A10 Remember 1:52
A11 I Love You 1:08
A12 Nero's Expedition 1:52
A13 No, The Wheel Was Never Invented 1:20
B1 With My Wealth 1:35
B2 This Student Of Life 1:24
B3 Some Trust All 1:28
B4 Wine, Woman And Song 2:23
B5 Sadness 1:22
B6 Maybe 2:03
B7 Each Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow 1:37
B8 Imagine 2:16
B9 You The Vandal 2:08
B10 Trees Against The Sky 1:18
B11 Behold 1:27
B12 Sparrow 1:37
B13 Pastoral 2:42


rev.b said...

Well put as always JZ. I'd speculate the the percentage of the US electorate who voted for trump never heard Moondog, Riley, Glass, Reich, Harry Partch, et al. and if they did, it bounced off and was rejected as nonsense. I'd wager they care more about Carrie Underwood, Hank Williams Jr, pro 'rasslin', huntin' and Nascar. In 2016 I saw countless interviews with the trump faithful. When asked why they liked this two-legged turd so much, more than one of them answered "he says out loud what everybody's thinking." Well, apparently I'm not a member of 'everybody' and I sure as fuck hope there are more of me than them voting this year. If society has devolved to that level, and I fear it has, we may well be fucked. If that's 'our' choice.... I'm merely a human however, and as you say, we know fuck-all about anything.

parmalee said...

The percussion parts alone (played mostly by Moondog, I think?) would even make for an incredible album.

zldsghoirg said...
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zldsghoirg said...
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