Saturday 4 January 2020

Jandek ‎– "London Thursday" (Corwood Industries ‎– CORWOOD 0830) 2018

Hang on! What's this?
It's one of those generic Jazz Records that sounds like a collection of extended snippets from any number of standard artists from a jazz nerds record collection.....rather boring......but wait!.....who's this nutty guy doing those terrible vocals/spoken word sections????
As a result of these interjections, this album has now been firmly transformed into the realms of 'Good'.
Then I find out its Jandek and a collection of Hip London jazzers improvising at Café Oto in april 2013!....Now, its very good.
Its surprising how ,no matter how uninteresting and generic a record can be,it's normally just one element away from greatness.In this case that element is Jandek dioxide,which is a radioactive gas causing anyone who encounters it to either gag,run away or stay to breath in this rarified air.
It could be Jandek and the Royal Philharmonic and it would still be a Jandek record.
Maybe that's next? Live at the Royal Albert Hall with the Philharmonic,uncredited of course,and definitely on a monday.


1-1 Empty 13:46
1-2 Combing The Air 9:29
1-3 Lights Going Out 10:06
1-4 I Know You Well 5:22
1-5 Eternity 7:06
1-6 All About It 8:20
2-1 No Happy Life 7:14
2-2 Standing There 5:49
2-3 Constant Refrain 6:48
2-4 Quite All Right 8:50
2-5 Shadows Disappear 11:50

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Anonymous said...

I need something to add to the painkillers I'm chewing so this will do nicely, thanks very much! Milly's Grandad