Thursday, 8 December 2016

Ramleh ‎– "Hole In The Heart" (Broken Flag ‎– BF 59) 1987

The first time I saw a 'Punk' was in that silly comic the 'Daily Mirror', and I thought they looked how I feel.Then I heard some Punk records, and it sounded just like a slightly faster Slade but with shouty vocals; though there still isn't a punk singer who could compete with Noddy Holder's noble lungs for sheer stone penetrating volume.
The 'Punks' banged on about 'No Future',and I thought, now we're getting somewhere. But they didn't mean it. No Future for them meant No Jobs,Nothing to do and No Money!?, I deduced, if these 'Punks' had a nice well paid job in a bank, and a discotheque to go to on Saturday night, everything would be hunky dory?........not!
Alas, Punk Rock was a gateway cult to more interesting and honest territories, like Industrial music.
Which offered No Hope instead of No Future. A job and money in the pocket wasn't the answer to modern 'civilisations' deep seated unhappiness. They presented the world/life as it is, pointless, cruel, ruthless ,tormented.....the list goes on.
To Quote from Genesis (p. Orridge, not the absurd opening book of the Bible), 1, "This is the music of Hopelessness", and 2. "Rock is for Arse Lickers".

As for this cassette from 1987 by Ramleh.
It's another field recording of modern living, in all its self-consuming stupidity.


A1 Spear Flowers
A2 Hole In The Heart
B1 Product Of Fear
B2 Grazing On Fear2


Anonymous said...

brilliant album.

Unknown said...

Nice to see/hear some Ramleh! Hard to find, though I still have a pristine copy of Return To Slavery that might need some attention on the turntable.

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

Thank you!

Nihil Yung said...

I'm the worlds happiest schadenfreude when you write shit like that Johnny. Hilarious. It must be compiled and stitched into something sooner than later. I'd buy it or find a blog to nick it from. If nobody would tell you about it. I can honestly say and it's horrible but I hope you continue to age in your bitterness and contempt over all things passive and peaceful. Who needs more of that old ubiquitous stock. Love it. Jiva to your shiva a viva up your sardonicus good buddy.
<3, :)

Jonny Zchivago said...

Thank you Con, can I call you Con?
I will remain a bitter, contemptuous, misanthrope, until the day i blow my brains out. Maybe one day I will compile the best/worst of my musings in a free download easy read pamphlet on amazon; adding new perspectives on how and/or why, the human beast has totally fucked everything up irreversibly for all life on this blue oasis floating eccentrically in an otherwise dead cosmos.(thats right, I have no faith in intelligent ET's being able to survive themselves in the very slim chance that they could even evolve into that state in the first place)
That's life Folks....oh the irony!?
Happy Midwinter Festival mate.....more irony?