Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Various ‎Artists –" A Tribute To Bert Weedon" (Weird Tales) 1982

Fuck Off Records offshoot, Weird Tales, released their only tape in 1982,Featuring Three bands from the Poison Girls end of the Anarcho-punk black rainbow;but this is no pot of shit,thats at the Crass/Flux of Pink Indians end. 
Labeling the Androids of Mu 'anarcho punk' is a slight miscarriage of justice, but there are similarities; the primary one being their hippie connections,and their links to the travelling community;y'know bus's, dogs with neckerchiefs, dreadlocks,you get the picture.
I haven't checked if these recordings of Android classics appear anywhere else in their back catalogue,but they are classics of the genre in any case.  
The Mob contribute some early demo recordings of their unpretentious squat-punk,and Zounds do too......what else could an aging crusty possibly want for  Anarchristmas?

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pinkie said...

Thanks Mr Z - another little gem :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this,
Bought it a gig by the bands in Letchworth, is somewhere in a box but not able to find it.
Heavy rotation in my bedroom at the time so looking forward to hearing again.
One strange memory is of the Zoundz guitarist playing Yes riffs perfectly (Off Relayer I think and if I remember correctly) during their sound check!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yes Riffs were not a surprising skeleton in the closet for many AnARCHO-PUNKERS I guess.They were nearly all middle class after all?