Friday, 14 June 2019

Fire, Water, Air (Ya Ho Wa 13 with Sky Saxon) ‎– "Golden Sunrise" ( Higher Key Records ‎– ELR-84510) 1977

Out of all the 'Cults' who thought they were musical genius's, Ya Ho Wa 13 were probably the most proficient.'Fire,Water,Air' were an offshoot fronted by garage psych legend Sky Saxon.They were so cut off from what was happening outside their world that it remained 1969 forever,even in 1977.Just like in my world it's permanently 1980, so who can blame them? Not fact i actively encourage it,like a version of the Lost World,complete with dinosaurs,of the musical kind.
'Golden' is a much used adjective among the cult community, and the post Yod death Ya Ho Wa 13 weren't gonna be left out.
Their guru, Father Yod, may have died a couple of years earlier in a bizarre hang gliding accident in Hawaii, but his influence was still looming large amongst his devotees.One of whom was Sky Saxon late of The seeds, who was a long term hanger-on at his Yodship's commune.
If you want more info on the Yodster and his young hippie chums, as well as more Ya Ho Wa 13 albums, then CLICK HERE!
There are more posthumous albums to exhume in the following posts also, so don't be afraid.
This stuff is mostly excellent free psychedelia with that essential element of madness that we all love in other people.
I could listen to this stuff all day.


A1 Time Travel
A2 Food For The Hungry
A3 Voyage
A4 Atlantians
A5 Go With The Flow
A6 New Revolution
B1 Wolf Pack
B2 Come To The Ocean
B3 Across The Prairie
B4 Just Moving On
B5 Celebration


Farquhar Throckmorton III said...

"I had this on vinyl!" I think it was one of the famously cheapo Psycho releases from Fun House Records. I was sold by their promises of mind-expanding psych. I am older and wiser now.

Nick said...

Really enjoyed this Johnny. Thanks for this and the other recent offerings. It's been much fun.

Alexandre said...

Thanks for sharing!