Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Our Generation ‎– "Praise And Prayer" (Generation Records ‎– OG 1072) 1972

"How do we get their children?" Asked the half-witted Evangelist.
God said, "Set the words of the gospels to the modern sounds of pop music"
"What? Like Acid Rock, or Garage Fuzz Psych?, volunteered the Moron.
"NO!" barked God, "This is 1972, all that stuff was out in 1968, try Jazz Fusion, or Prog Rock,better still Glam Rock! Thats what the kids are listening to in 1972!!"
"Sorry, didn't hear that, you're breaking up! said the Moron, "We'll stick with the Fuzzy Psych then? Thanks God."
"Oh for fucks sake!" sayeth God,"...and I made these idiots in my image!? Jesus H. Christ!"
(Jesus)..."Yes father?"
"Forget that Prog Group you're forming son,its yet another waste of my eternal time!"

Indeed, the God Squad were always a few years too late to latch onto the possibilities spreading their simplistic explanation for existence with edgy music from the eternal 'Now'.
The first track however sounds like The Strawberry Alarm Clock with Wobble and Donut from PiL's first album. Its rather good.
The rest of the album is reasonably decent Acid Psych of the kind that existed between 1965 to '67, which all the hip kids of 1972, when this was released, had long forgotten about. Thats why Lenny Kaye made that Nuggets Collection, because everyone had forgot about those Garage Fuzz bands like The leaves ,Seeds etc.
If you were caught listening to The Seeds in 1972, instead of Emerson Lake and Palmer, you would have been a laughing stock.
So this album,doubles up on the naffness with the Christian message, atop of a musical style that was definitely 'Out'.
There is some beyond great Fuzz guitar on track 5, "Praise" by the way, the rest is filler.
Meanwhile church attendances are getting lower and lower, and the average age Older and Older. Shame.


Hello Friends
Get Together
Only A Man
Jesus Paid It All
Have You Tried This One Called Jesus
In The Presence Of The Lord
A Prayer


rev.b said...

I'm not a parent and have no desire to be one, but there's something in the DNA that the question "How do we get their children?" demands I scoop up the nearest grubby little urchin and run like hell. As a stand alone question, is it being asked by Jesus or Satin? I'm nor so sure it matters.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I guess Satan set up Hell to escape all that bullshit,no pied piper music down there! The devil is evil is just fake news, fact all this supernatural crap was the origin of the term fake news in the post truth era.
Run children run!