Thursday, 6 June 2019

David Koresh - "Home Recordings 1990-93" (Bootleg) 1993

In downtime on the Ranch, in between shooting at FBI agents, and the odd bit of statutory raping, Dave the Messiah would play a bit of divine pop music. 
Some of it was captured in the foggy medium of ferric oxide cassette tape, which gives these already spooky toons a further ghostly quality that sends chills even further up your spine.
Human beings are bloody dangerous, especially Human beings with delusions of grandeur armed with electric guitar and marshall stack!......that could actually describe a lot of rock and metal acts out there today!
If Koresh was allowed to have a local hit maybe he would have forgot that he was actually 'Jesus' mark 2? He just craved the attention he was denied as a child and lots of compliant women to have sex with...that's all!?....the average life of a Rock Star is it not?
Thankfully Motley Crue made it in the world of shite american FM metal, or we could have had four more Waco's on our hands.....but at least those bastards would have killed themselves and not still be walking the Earth today.


1. Side A (31:49)
2. Side B (40.01)

DOWNLOAD from down on the ranch HERE


Anonymous said...

David Koresh is still alive, like Jones. Another spook project, part of CIA's CHAOS program.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Wouldn't Jones be incredibly old by now?
Of course David Koresh lives on, in his music!
The CIA made their own musical genre in House music and its variants.