Wednesday, 12 June 2019

The Apollo Stars ‎– "Power Of Source" (L. Ron Hubbard ‎– SE 1001) 1974

He may, or may not, have started Scientology for a bet with his sci-fi author buddies back in the fifties,but of all the cult leaders he's probably the only one who was in a Jazz Fusion band.
Yes that's Ron with the cap and headphones....always ahead of his time,as all good,or bad, Science Fiction writers should be.
Scientology has all the hall marks of something that was dreamt up one evening,like a living pulp-science fiction novel.So,it wouldn't surprise me that this club of sinister androids hadn't started as a joke and far too many people took it seriously. Maybe Jesus did the same thing. We know the book of Mormon was a confidence trick,so why not Christianity,or even Scientology.
L.Ron's Jazz Fusion band ain't actually too bad.He just wasn't able to pull The Apollo Stars off as well as he did Scientology;but it didn't stop him from trying......that's the real lesson of Scientology.


A1 The Power Of Source
A2 Summertime (George Gershwin)
B1 We're Moving In
Written-By – Ferreira, Hubbard
B2 Johnny Comes Marching Home
Written-By [Folksong] – Traditional
B3 My Dear Portugal (Meu Querido Portugal)
Written-By – Ferreira, Hubbard

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kevinesse said...

I always thought this lp was pretty good...would love to find a copy