Tuesday, 11 June 2019

L. Ron Hubbard ‎– "Ron's Journal 67" (Golden Era Productions ‎– 6709 C20) 1967/1983

40 minutes of Ron on a paranoid rant about how various media organistaions,and governments are out to get him and his Church.
It sounds very similar to a Donald Trump speech on fake news, but far more articulate. Plenty of accusations of lies, and them and us politics,but i'm sure L.Ron would be only too pleased to welcome immigrants into his organistaion,and build a wall to keep the population in, rather than out.
Let us all pray that The Church of Trump will fail to emulate the sucess of Scientology and be consumed by the cheap hate that it peddles.
Like Trump, Hubbard seems to actually believe his own science fiction project,as much as the Donald believes in his own vacuous policies.Thankfully L. Ron isn't around anymore....on this planet anyway(?)...or he would be running for President of the free world,and stealthily removing the word 'free' from his job description.


A Ron's Journal 67 (Side 1)
B Ron's Journal 67 (Side 2)

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Vladimir said...

not very long ago a scientology bookshop opened in the center of where i live (athens), and there's this lady giving out some kind of leaflet to passers-by. every time i pass there i refuse flat out and tell her sth offensive. unfortunately, it's next to the city's biggest bookshop so i am forced to see the scientologists quite often; plus their bookshop used to be a sleeping corner for homeless people and junkies, guess that previous use was much better than its present one....