Tuesday, 18 June 2019

The All Saved Freak Band ‎– "Brainwashed" (Rock The World Enterprises ‎– NR 5974) 1976

They say that the Devil has all the best tunes.....well.....here's evidence that he may well have.
As Christian Rock goes, this ain't half bad,but that ain't sayin' much.
As a kid at primary school,we had a god fearing headmaster, who tried to force christianity on us at all opportunities.So we had to walk into the daily assembly to the sound of Cat Stevens crooning 'Morning Has Broken', or 'KumBya' or the dreadful 'Lord Of The Dance'!? The Hippie teachers didn't need much excuse to whip out the acoustic guitar and inflict some modern hymns on us all. Even worse, Miss Pile had a warble like Joan Baez that hit our young ears like a pneumatic drill.(luckily the rest my education was purely secular)
No wonder we all became Atheists.......except Kerry Ground, who was exempt from this torture because,as it turned out, she was a Jew!!!! I didn't even know what a Jew was,nevermind that Kerry wasn't the 'same' as us.....now we knew who to single out as 'Different'.
Yes Christian pop/rock/metal is shite. Classical gets away with it because no-one listens to it.
The All Saved Freak Band were still playing that light weight Grateful dead Psych in 1980 (as were the Dead themselves!?),and this is the main problem with Christian attempts to be 'down with the kids',no matter how hard they try,they are always well behind the curve. Ever heard any Christian Rap? It's even shitter than actual Rap...if thats possible.Too shit for me to take the piss even!
At least this band had a small amount of humour and self-depreciation shown by the title of this album. Lead guitarist Glenn Schwarz had just been released from his Reprogramming therapy after being kidnapped by his birth family.....still spouting christian propaganda.So the ironically titled "Brainwashed", is a reference to the outsiders view that they were all brainwashed.Little did they ever consider that they obviously were.
Silly fuckers.


A1 Peace, Love, And Rock And Roll 3:37
A2 Ode To Glenn Schwartz 4:04
A3 Seek Him 3:02
A4 Don't Look Back 7:05
A5 Lonely 2:50
B1 Frog Alley 4:55
B2 Messed Up 2:27
B3 See The Flesh Fly 3:34
B4 Smilin' Dog 3:27
B5 Our Answer 2:05

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