Sunday, 23 June 2019

Little Marcy ‎– "Sing-Along With Marcy" (Zondervan ‎– ZLP-693) 1966

As the default setting for the human brain when they (I say they!?)....when 'they' are born is Atheist, the Jesus Cult feels its of primary importance to 'get in there' first before children encounter such evils as education and evidence based fact.
How do you do this? Simple! Find the creepiest looking dolly you can possibly imagine, then have a demented evangelist Jesus obsessive provide a voice for said dolly, singin' songs's see....Jesus and an alleged after-life.
The kids who had idiotic enough parents to pay $1.98 for this moronic propaganda must have been bored shitless with this insane puppet banging on constantly about what happens when you die.
Just what you need after you've just started life, that you're gonna die, but it's ok, you'll get eternal life in heaven if you worship some invisible dictator who'll torture you if you don't fall at his feet.
The first in a long series of Lies told to kids to get them to behave,which carries on into adulthood.Control experiment number one that we should ,by now, have outgrew. Up to a century ago the human race hadn't the slightest clue as to what was actually going we don't have that excuse.Most things now have a plausable explanation,backed up with evidence.
Still waiting for the Little Marcy albums on Evolution,Cosmology,and Quantum Physics. I think we'll be waiting a long time as 'Big' Marcy, Marcy Tigner, has by now discovered that her whole career was a complete waste of time,sadly not in Hell,as it doesn't exist kids.Little Marcy has also probably met her ultimate fate, with an eternal death as part of a land-fill site in Alabama. Imagine the horror when archeologists of the distant future dig up Little Marcy?It'd make Quatermass and the Pit look like an episode of the Brady Bunch.Never mind listening to the pure rotating plastic evil of the tunes on this record.


A1 Everybody Ought To Know 1:57
A2 Daniel In The Lion's Den 0:55
A3 Kiddies With The Curl On Top 2:22
A4 Be Careful What You Do 1:16
A5 I've Found A Wonderful Friend 1:01
A6 Heaven Came Down And Glory Filled My Soul 1:45
A7 I Know Who Holds The Future 1:14
A8 Near The Cross 2:44
B1 Am I In Heaven 1:30
B2 Wake Up 1:39
B3 I Tuned In On Heaven 1:50
B4 It's A Wonderful, Wonderful Life 1:41
B5 God Is Love 2:17
B6 I Have The Joy 1:18
B7 Oh, It Is Wonderful 1:06
B8 When You Pray 1:37


rev.b said...

Oh my gawd, I feel so....molested. The second a saw that this one uses dolls to ply her (witch) craft, I knew it was time to get the hell outa there. Bring on the Satanist!

Anonymous said...

Dr.Ion said...

Some people just get triggered by the lamest things

Henk Madrotter said...

HELL NO (pun intended) keep 'em comin! I LOVE this stuff :) Been looking for more of this kinda stuff here in Bandung but no luck so far..

Jonny Zchivago said...

I had about ten Little Marcy album mp3 files, but they got lost when i dropped my portable hard drive! Got few more but i thought i'd leave it at two for the blog and move on. I can e-mail you some if you so desire? up is Lil' Markie and Charlie The Hamster.....I Love Christians.Effortlessly weird fuckers so they are.

sweethooligan said...

That ‘I have the joy’ psycho babble chant is one of the most hateful things I think I’ve every heard... truly horrible said...

If y'all are trigg'd by L'il Marcy, just wait 'til Lil' Markie gets his chubby grubby mitts on ya! <3


BBhelay said...

what did they do to you in school?? and nobody will realise his life was a waste because of evidence. that's the beauty of human. you can do the worst shit and still feel good because you sustained your family or whatever.

Jonny Zchivago said...


Anonymous said...

she died on May 17, 2012.