Monday, 24 June 2019

Little Marcy ‎– "Marcy Sings Hymns" (CornerStone Records ‎– SLP 472) 1967

Oh Their God!....this is like funeral parlor music for infants.
I notice that they decided that a cartoon version of Little Marcy would be less traumatic for christian kiddies than the harsh reality of the Demonic Puppet herself.
Trouble is, they forgot about making the music as jolly as the cover!
Any child listening to this collection of maudlin traditional Hymns on Helium, would be swinging from their skipping ropes half way through side one.
This makes living in Heaven about as attractive as an eternal bout of dysentry.


A1 Near The Cross
A2 When I Survey The Wonderous Cross
A3 What A Friend
A4 'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus
A5 Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus
A6 Amazing Grace
A7 Holy, Holy, Holy
A8 All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name
B1 My Faith Looks Up To Thee
B2 Blessed Assurance
B3 I Love To Tell The Story
B4 Jesus Saviour, Pilot Me
B5 Rock Of Ages
B6 Abide With Me
B7 Jesus, Lover Of My Soul
B8 My Jesus, I Love Thee


Anonymous said...

hi there, it's quite hot here in deutschland and i'm having a few warm beers, listening to the great little marcy and feeling closer to god already. by the way, it would be GREAT if you could upload marcy's notorious 'pussy' masterpiece ('my little pussy' or something like that). don't know on which album, but i'm sure you heard of it.


rev.b said...

I have to 2nd Martin's request. ‘If you won’t give me my fix Jonny, I’ll just get it from someone else, you bastard!’ I'm simply mesmerized by little Marcy and her pure, cherub love for the channeled through her sketchy mom?, auntie?, whoever, you know, the woman with her hand up little Marcy's (and our) skirt. In any event, such an inspiring block of wood. It’s almost like, she’s alive. Can there be anything as delightfully creepy than an adult singing in a child’s voice of her love of Jesus? To hear her sing about her little pussy cat might well lead me to cancel my PornHub subscription. ‘Save me Marcy, please save me.’ How’d we get from grating homemade lo-fi D.I.Y. noise to this place of ultimate praise? Lord, it’s a miracle!!!

Jonny Zchivago said...

You got a bad case of Puppet love.
Christians were doing DIY long before Rock'roll, especially when it came to sex. So this this ain't so far off the remit as you think.
But,i dunno how I got here......must be gods plan or something?
I do have "I love my Little Pussy", and may do a piece dedicated to that tune alone. Apparently its an old english nursery rhyme,and the connotations are in fact intended. "Pussy" as a slang word for vqgina is older than i thought.
There's more Marcy after a brief detour with big marcy playing her trombone for the Lord,

Anonymous said...

ha, can't believe it.....i looked it up, it's not 'my little pussy' as i thought or 'i love my little pussy' as you suggested. it's just 'i love little pussy': not that explicit as we thought (well, in a way it is). people like sarah palin must have been exposed to this as a child.....the referene to the shaggs' 'my pal foot foot' is evident, although that one was not about the dog's pussy at all.....
keep it up!