Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Paul Nagle ‎– "Tree And Leaf" (YHR Tapes ‎– YHR 021) 1981

Paul Nagle was far less proggy (even though it says "Inspired by Tolkien" on the insert!?) than Ian Boddy,leaning towards the library music that played between those programmes for schools back in the 70's and 80's. Too jaunty for use on the Testcard and often strays into minimal synth territory with some tasty analogue sounds.
Music for intermissions rather than the main show,but nevertheless pleasant enough post-prog electronica,like Tangerine Dream around the time of "Tangram", rather than "Phaedra".
Er...that's it.

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Chris S said...

Man you've been killing it Jonny. Thanks so much. I love getting these posts in my inbox every day :)

Alan Burns said...

Got plenty of love for Tangram, so I'll look forward to giving this a once-over. I've tended to associate the YHR label with more avant-garde stuff like Tietchens, so this is an interesting aspect of their catalogue too.