Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Ian Boddy ‎– "Images" (Mirage) 1980

Another slab of post-prog prog, testcard music for the uninitiated.This is actually quite punk rock in its carbuncular anti-trend stance. If I had heard this in 1980 I would have thought Mr Boddy was having a laugh,but now I know better.He was deadly serious,he really wanted to be Vangelis,and probably still does. 


Anonymous said...

Fortunately these historic recordings have been reissued (on vinyl) with bonus tracks in a box set called "spectroscopic".

the saucer people said...

And fortunately for those of us who do not have a record player anymore, without the good graces of JZ, I probably would never have come across these historic recordings.

Really like track 2, Cantata - this is what real 'gothic' music should have sounded like, without the vocal histrionics.

PS> Without wanting to bring the Sturm und Drang of Herr VoD down on this blog, a little net digging and a nice FLAC vinyl rip of said Spectroscopic can be found.