Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Courtiszan - "Meretrix" (ZH27 - 606) 1999

Two more prolific collaborators a-collaborating.
That's right, its Reynols guitar nutter, Anla Courtis,and Zan Hoffman, that grinning loony and one man cassette and Cd-r production line.
This single track is not unlike the noise emitted by a concrete mixer full of fire alarms,ringing telephones,various bells and steel bars,mixed in with some hardcore and coarse gravel.All accompanied by the random crunching of crisp bags (potato chips for our north american friends).
But then that's what one would expect from this unhinged duo,is it not?

DOWNLOAD some abstract hardcore collage HERE!

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Anonymous said...

It is indeed,and why not.

Very Special. Dank un.