Tuesday 21 September 2021

Poison – "Sons Of Evil" (Self-Released Demo) 1984


Death Metal can either sound and feel like you're having your head kicked in, like Slayer's immaculately produced ear batterings; or, like having your inner ears dewaxed by a hammer drill whilst being surrounded by multitudes of arcing electrodes,which is where we find ourselves today. Depending on the group,some of these electrodes will be attached by crocodile clips to your balls,or whatever are now the sensitive parts of whichever gender you self-identify with nowadays.
This demo,is actually an unedited live rehearsal by German Death Metallers Poison, recorded in what sounds like a vast empty gas chamber,or an abandoned public toilet built on an ancient burial ground.
The guitar frequently does a rather accurate impression of one of the more harsher Merzbow albums,with a sound not too far removed from a tethered moped on full throttle in the hold of an oil tanker. The bass is inaudible,and the drums have that adorable DIY biscuit tin and bucket quality,overpowered by one side of a C-90's worth of the last words of somebody being garroted .
Its all quite ridiculous of course,but it sounds fantastic.


A1 The Omen (Intro) 1:39
A2 Inferno Breaks Out 2:29
A3 Black Death 3:47
A4 Demon 6:16
A5 Reaper 3:08
A6 Possessed 2:06
A7 Angel Of Satan (+ March To Hades) 5:41
A8 Satan's Damnation (Intro) 1:24
A9 Legions Of Hell 3:38
B1 Leather + Metal 4:00
B2 Hell Of The Living Dead 4:55
B3 Slaughter 2:18
B4 Gonna Make You Die 5:21


Angelo said...

Kindly re-upload this: https://dieordiy2.blogspot.com/2017/09/joy-division-university-of-london.html


Jonny Zchivago said...


No need to re-up...it works fine....just click on the download anyway button...or send me a share request.

Friederich Aston-Weill said...

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Jonny Zchivago said...

Didn't say there were gas chambers in Germany twat (but I do mention something about that in the next Poison post).....couldn't be fucking bothered to read the rest...but keep commenting,we need nutters like you to stir things up a bit.

snoopy said...

Wow - Poison were fantastic, with hit songs like Every Rose Has Its Thorn. It's too bad they didn't make an MTV video of "Inferno Breaks Out" I'm so glad you're posting this so everyone can hear the classic Poison!!!