Monday, 20 September 2021

Anti Cimex – "Victims Of A Bombraid / Raped Ass" (Distortion Records - DISTLP9) 1994/1983)

More Swedish D-Beat from Anti Cimex,who basically played the same track,and wore the same clothes, for the ten years or so of their existence. They sounded like Discharge, looked like Discharge,wrote about the same things...or rather 'Thing' singular(i.e. Nuclear annihilation),as Discharge, and even supported Discharge whenever their heroes played in Sweden. Slightly more conventional, and far less brutal than Swedish faves The Shitlickers, but its still fun to listen,open mouthed, and wonder how groups like this ever came into being,and how they lasted for longer than one demo tape?

What was the game of the Arseholes?......Golf of course?


A1 When The Innocent Die 2:01
A2 Warmachine 2:01
A3 Total Silence 1:50
A4 Cries Of Pain 1:16
A5 Raped Ass 1:13
B1 Desperate Hours 1:12
B2 Game Of The Arseholes 1:33
B3 Victims Of A Bombraid 2:43
B4 Set Me Free 1:21

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Fabio D. said...

You can definitely smell the studded leather jackets pestilential stink via this Discharge-an rip-off.
Thanks, loving your new course, maybe the Soviet electro stuff gave me some more perspectives... But WTF.
Thank you