Thursday, 9 September 2021

Various Artists– Violent Party Omnibus Tape - Downtown Street Punker (Violent Party Records – TAPE NO. 7) 1984

And you thought that Nuclear Weapons were just Fear Porn!?...wrong!!!
There's nowhere else, not even Chernobyl,who's been exposed to more rads on the Geiger counter than the Japs.This goes a long way to explain why they are such a bunch of apeshit muther fuckin' crazy assed muther fuckers.Either that or they have lived in one of the most socially repressive environments on the planet this side of Victorian England.
This is the label that brought us Sieg Heil, but it seems they have ill-advised pretensions towards real music....No.NO NOOOOO!? Why does this always happen?Maybe Sandi Hook (Die or DIY?'s official conspiracy nut) is right, and the new world order has us by the balls?
On the cover it reads; "Very Very Group", like the original Violent Party label tape does instead of "Ragin' Hardcore".
Which means, der management doesn't want to be seen as just another Hardcore label,which is understandable I suppose.
The majority of it is of the type of zero-Fi hardcore lunacy that Seig Heil so generously committed to tape for us future dwellers to enjoy in the 21st century.
However, the other stuff on here,like No Cut and The Craps,flirts with the pure evil that is Melody!?
The outstanding quality of the sound on here is the thoroughly repulsive guitar sounds these kamikaze muso's effortlessly achieved like a divine wind of integrated circuitry.The sound of solid state transistors committing mass suicide is one of thee most subversive sounds on earth.Holing what passes for worthless early 21st century music below the waterline in the process,machine gunning the survivors in the water.Enjoy it while you still can,because they are coming for your mind.


A1 Gai – Damnation
A2 Gai – Fundmental Human Right
A3 Gedon– Today Is Happy
A4 Gedon– Entertainer
A5 No-Cut– Open Way
A6 No-Cut– Dead Cry
B1 Confuse– Spending Loud Night
B2 Confuse– Fight Against The Plutocrats
B3 Craps– Cannot Stop Laugh
B4 Craps– How Long Do You Give Me
B5 Gess– This Is Religion
B6 Gess– Rock And Roll
B7 Gai – Two Mohicans - Hakata Punk And Punket Story


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