Saturday, 18 September 2021

Besthöven - "Os Mortos Insepultos" (Self-Released Demo) 1995

There aren't too many Shitlickers covers going around,but Brazil's D-Beat kings Besthoven did a cover of "Warsystem". Although this demo tape makes Shitlickers sound like they were produced by Trevor Horn.....well,not quite,but you get what I mean.
Who would have thought that a dressing style which once populated the grey streets of Stoke-On-Trent,uk, circa 1981 would crop up in the homeland of Bossa Nova in the mid-nineties?
Its brutal stuff but there's some much needed space in the recording,the clangorous knuckle dragging bass is audible among the six-stringed savage bees attack going on around it;and the drums surf atop,this wave of zero-fi cassette tape meltdown effortlessly.Making a disintegrating bespoke frame for the strangled vocals which seemed concerned very much with human disabilities,although not the disability for the average human to listen to fine music like this without getting a headache.
Just noticed I have yet to put any of the beyond great Shitlickers work on this blog!?....a glaring omission indeed.
Will rectify on next post......many apologies.


01 Introduchaos - "Em Pesadelos Monstrusos..." Sem Esperancas
02 Seres Deformados
03 Chorando Guerra (Forca Macabra)
04 O Enterro Dos Mortos Vivos
05 Desgraca No Suburbio
06 Dias Cinzentos
07 Blind (Fear Of The War)
08 Septembro Sangrento
09 Medo Da Guerra
10 Warsystem (Shitlickers)
11 No Campos De Exterminio -Ontrochaos-'As Vesperas Do Final...'

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