Friday, 17 September 2021

Hellhouse – "Burn For Peace" (Self-Released Demo) 1986

These fun chaps seem quite literate for metalheads gone wrong.Quoting George Elliot on Loneliness?
The music is such a bizarre distortion of the original Metal template as to qualify for the 'weird without trying' award of the week.This is the stuff that should be in the Rock'n'Roll hall of fame not REM and the like...although I dunno why I chose REM for special attention,because I like Meat Loaf in there? If he is then replace REM with Steinman and Meat,slash,Loaf and jim;but the loaf we all prefer would be Renaldo's Loaf,as in Renaldo and the...surely?Hellhouse is the stuff that Hell is made of, and for.A Hell with Renaldo's Loaf and REM in it is not too bad a place to be,and a Hell with this Hellhouse group in it as the house band is but no Hell at all.
How you can start off with Black Sabbath and end up with this bizarre cocktail of barking and 78rpm riffing is a fascinating process indeed.


1 KIll Your Mother
2 Meat Cleaver
3 Rape Your Mother
4 Crucified
5 Rage
6 Impaler

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Anonymous said...

So glad you came back to bring this masterpiece to our attention.
Thank you.