Monday, 11 January 2021

Ascension ‎– "Live / Dead" (Dirter Promotions ‎– DPROMLP31) 1993

Ran out of if you thought Harry Pussy was the only band in 1993 to sound like that,other than any group with Derek Bailey or Keiji Haino in,you is wrong.Using That oft-used phrase...'Meanwhile,In The UK', there was Ascension, featuring that bloke Stefan Jaworzyn from Skullflower,who, made a fairly similar uncompromising racket with Guitars and Drums.Think Pharoah Sanders but with electric guitars,as captured in a pub in Camden.Normally, this 'orrible noise would empty any public house of its public;but knowing 'The Monarch' this would have increased the audience to a barely legal 30,.... at best.
Shut a bunch of Chimp's into a room full of instruments and you'd get a similar result.....which is the intention I suppose? Rediscovering your inner primative,a musical re-birthing,a primal scream from within your life-force.....and No Bobby Gillespie needed.


Live The Monarch, Camden 30.3.93 (First Live Show)
L1 1.
L2 2.
L3 3.

D Untitled Piece 11.5.93


Nick said...

Lovely stuff, ta very much

Nick said...

Lovely stuff, ta very much

Ian said...

What, no Killer Pussy to post? Something against pussy from Arizona, perhaps?

badgerstump said...

This is a great release!

I have some things where Derek Bailey and Keiji Haino recorded together ... thanks for the nudge. Time for inflicting.

Jonny Zchivago said...

@ badgerstump too....

badgerstump said...

ah, clearly not paying attention ... I have something else in mind though