Thursday, 28 January 2021

Kaoru Abe (阿部薫) – "Winter 1972" (P.S.F. Records – PSFD-158) 1972/2004

My introduction to the wild world of Abe Kaoru was this, remastered from vinyl, release on P.S.F.; Aided by the bleak Industrial style cover art one suspected this might be quite good. 
It was three tracks of a bloke going apeshit on a saxophone in a small room for fifty minutes. It certainly misses drums or guitar to add a bit of colour to the proceedings,but, this does give one a chance to accompany Kaoru oneself. As he allegedly never listened to anyone he improvised with,you should end up with a bona-fide improvisation of yourself and the legend going ape in your front room.....with the added bonus of sparse applause for your efforts. It's also good for sampling a nuts saxophone solo for your own work without having the misfortune in having a real saxophonist visit your home studio.Luckily,or otherwise,for me I have a brother who's a more than willing contributor of reed jiggery-pokery to any of my this one.


1 No.1 24:17
2 No.2 4:27
3 No.3 17:54


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

All this free jazz got to me pull out one of my Walter Zuber Armstrong albums this morning. A far more sub-dude affair compared to ol'wife whomper, and for my taste a lot less interesting. Though I also detest the flute, which Walter proceeds to toodle on his Alpha and Omega album, so there's that...keep the Abe coming...

JRAC said...

Dont stop!

I love japanese free jazz. Continue with this exploration.
I really appreciate your kind work, it makes my musical world better.



Jonny Zchivago said...

Cheers JRAC...this stuff seems to attract opinions from both ends of the spectrum and no middle ground.There's no-one saying "ahhh that's alright i suppose" either love it or hate it stuff.

RebelliousJukebox said...

Yes yes yes!!!

Next, break out the Derakushi! Been looking for that shit for years.


Jonny Zchivago said...

Unknown.....yesx3 i too want some DeRaKuShi!...have a couple of compilation tracks but the PSF album eludes me...anyone out there?
Indeed, Kuzuha plays on do know I love her?/him?