Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Self Deconstruction ‎– "Superficial" (Lost Rivers Product ‎– LRP 037 CD) 2012

Another album by my Power Violence combo of preference,featuring ones' new favourite Guitarist...or guitar-wrist in my case, Kazuha or 葛葉. Also she's better looking than Wilko Johnson,so, sorry Wilko, you momentarily slip to second place on my all-time list. 

The Lovely Kazuha

What category of Hardcore to put this in is debatable,but as the lovely Kazuha constantly plays with a smile on her charming visage,I volunteer the new pigeon hole of 'Grin-core'? 
Whatever it is to the purist,it is certainly an unerringly brutal,breathless and complex form of Grindcore.With no blokes in black tee-shirts and muscular arms,or male long-haired satan worshippers to be seen. A rare hardcore group devoid of Homoerotica for the borderline heterosexual Grindcore fan......unless Kazuha turns out to be a chap,which, these days, is totally possible......but I can overlook that.Either Love is blind,or I am?
Whatever!?...Superficial.....moi?....naaah......Ok Ok, I wouldn't listen to this if I didn't fancy the bird...so what?
With 13 songs in the space of 11 minutes there ain't enough time to ruminate on such nonsense.It's Great stuff,and its best not to reason why.


1 Self Deconstruction
2 Human Hater
3 Merry Go Round
4 Slight
5 Delusion, Confusion, And...
6 Last Dance
7 Band Of The Night
8 Superficial
9 He Is Gone
10 The Anger Which I Wait For
11 Present
12 Hypocrite
13 Dirge For My Death


Anonymous said...


badgerstump said...

I knew nothing about them. It's fucking brilliant!

Mr. P said...

Me thinks that people "Googling" for "Penis" will now be directed to this site. Sneaky marketing, I say.

Jonny Zchivago said...

@badgerstump....'fucking brilliant' adequately sums it up for me,thank you.

Jonny Zchivago said...

"Googling for Penis" a fine song title if ever there was one?

RebelliousJukebox said...

When you posted Wounds a few days ago, I went to their bandcamp and bought it all.

Easily one of the best in the genre. Brutal with a hint of comic whimsy. Like Naked City.

In the best way.

- chuck

Anonymous said...

I can't stop blushing

Jonny Zchivago said...

Nice one Chuck......who says blogs don't bring record sales?....that dick'ead at Vinyl On Demand that's who.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Nothing wrong with blushing Anon (or is that Kazuha?)....now i can't stop giggling with excitment.