Friday, 29 January 2021

Self Deconstruction – "Final" (Regurgitated Semen Records – RSR 198) 2020

In between the jap jazz,little excuse is needed for me to get back to Japanese Freestyle Grindcore band ,the wonderful Self Deconstruction.In fact it doesn't sound a million miles away from some Japanese free Improvisation,it just misses a few more tranquile bits. 
Was gonna rip my vinyl copy,but,felt i should encourage y'all to buy something from their bandcamp and my recommendation is their pre-line-up change album "Final" which is,for want of something more eloquent to say, "Fucking Brilliant". If you like your Grindcore Brutal and abstract,with enough tempo changes to satisfy a Gentle Giant fan,and populated by lovely ladies; then this should be your next purchase. I may have my opinion clouded,however, by my celebrity crush on guitarist Kuzuha,but the general feedback i've been getting suggests i'm not always? There may be some vinyl left somewhere,which gets you a large in action photo of Kuz.....if i could call her that,and now departed(as in left the band),vocalist, Kubine at work. Boy, Kubine has a fine set of lungs in her,among other obvious attributes.There's also a lyric sheet,if you could call the short bleak phraseology 'lyrics'.....nonetheless great fun to scream along to.
As the live side doesn't seem to be available on Bandcamp, I may sneak that in here at some point in the near future.Played in one go it sounds not unlike some bizarre avant-garde sound does all of Self-Deconstruction's output in fact.


Studio Side:
A1 My Inside
A2 Bleed
A3 Pigs
A4 Escape
A5 Growing Pain
A6 Where's The Unity?
A7 No Fear
A8 I End Me
A9 Ugly
A10 Suffer
A11 Waste Of Time


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if you kike this you should also check out 'Aggretsuko'