Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Ivor Cutler - "Cutler The Lax" (BBC Radio Drama) 1991

Ivor also did several Radio plays,drama's ,sketch shows, whatever you want to call this unclassifiable stuff, for the venerable BBC. 
I like how he's labelled 'the Legendary Scottish Surrealist' by the Beeb drama department; which is of course accurate. If Salvador Dali gets to be called a surrealist, then so is Ivor.Either that or they are both comedians. After all, Dali described The Marx Brothers as "Perfect Surrealists"....or something like that anyway.
One man's absurdist is another man's Surrealist is another man's comedian.


1.Episode 1 : Legendary Scottish surrealist Ivor Cutler provides disappointment for cavemen and a cheap alternative to liquor.
2.Episode 2 :Legendary Scottish surrealist Ivor Cutler discovers ancient Egyptian music and what the Dutch think of British pubs.
3.Episode 3 :Legendary Scottish surrealist Ivor Cutler samples the archives and enjoys some Marabut music and a jolly Japanese ditty

DOWNLOAD and don't be lax HERE!


Anonymous said...

Jonny this is beyond fantastic. Thank you thank you thank you!

rev.b said...

I've not had the pleasure of Ivor's plays. No doubt these will clear it all up for me. Now that we're compelled to stay home, I can't of a better way to use up the time. I expect profound clues.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Calling these things 'plays' or 'dramas' is pushing it a little bit. 15 minutes of larking about is more accurate.But planned larking about.

Gerard said...

Thank you so much for all the Ivor Cutler radio shows. Heard ep two and three of these on the bbc iplayer a few years ago when they had them up briefly. Its so good. Looking forward to hearing the first one and all his other shows.
Applause and good fortune!