Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Unknown Artist ‎– "Fornicating Female Freaks" (Audio Stag Records ‎– A-1002) 1970

Another spoken word smut-fest from the John Waters school of acting, with dialogue from the The Sun (UK trash tabloid) school of journalism.
Back from the days when Lesbians were seen as perverts,or only did it because they weren't getting a good 'seeing to' by their husbands, we have some 'Bold Butchy Lesbians' indulging in ac/dc sex!?
Whatever a Bold-Butchy Lebian Freak is? I guess its, a slightly male acting female,whose wanton behaviour results in some "kinky nights of pure pleasure" with partners of the same gender?
Again the cover art is something special, but the poetry of the dialogue is only slightly less offensive than the preceeding 'Perverted Nympho Housewife" record;unless you are a Lesbian of course. Here lesbianism is portrayed simply as mere titilation for the male audience,and only an option if the young ladies in question didn't have a man to provide her with pleasure.


A Fornicating Female Freaks (14:37)
B Fornicating Female Freaks (16:24)


Pisŧöff said...

Ooh Jonny- you so FREAKY

northfieldhat said...

If those in your community had known of the unwarranted filth in your record collection, you would have been quarantined long ago sonny jim!

Jonny Zchivago said...

This,sir, is not filth its Educational Art!