Sunday, 5 April 2020

Ivor Cutler - "Peel Sessions 1969-1977" (a Die or DIY? compilation)

You knew it was coming didn't you?
Here's Ivor Cutler ,the Salvador Dali of Goven (Glasgow), and his surreal poetry,songs and stories to brighten up your period of social distancing.
I never realised he came from the same place that the scottish sit-com,or fly-on the wall docu-drama,however you see it, "Rab C.Nesbit" was set in.(if you're american and you have difficulty understanding what Ivor is saying, you'll have no chance understanding Rab.C Nesbitt,so don't bother clicking the link to find out)
Ivor did something in the region of 21 Peel sessions,second only to the Fall's 24 sessions. His eccentric manner and druggy without the aid of drugs stories, appealed greatly to the Lord of the Rings worshipping dippy hippies,although its all more in the traditional of Edward Leer's nonsense poems.The songs are equally funny and surreal, my own favourite being "A Wooden Tree" from the Jammy Smears album which features in the 1975 session included here.
There are one or two sessions missing,notably the 1978 session,but the sheer out thereness of Ivor's world should be an adquate sticking plaster for that,or any, wound.
(Part two and three will follow,so don't shed any tears)


1. Trouble Trouble 05/05/1969
2. An Old Poltroon 05/05/1969
3. Bounce Bounce Bounce 05/05/1969
4. There and Back Via Sweden 05/05/1969
5. Chat 05/05/1969
6. In My Room There Sits A Box 05/05/1969
7. Beatrice 05/05/1969
8. An Indirect Love Poem 05/05/1969
9. Pearly Winged Fly 25/09/1975
10. Go and Sit Upon the Grass 25/09/1975
11. Sleepy Old Snake 25/09/1975
12. Little Black Buzzer 25/09/1975
13. Life in a Scotch Sitting Room, Vol.2 EP.8(25/09/1975)
14. Fremsley 25/09/1975
15. True Humility 25/09/1975
16. Nigerians in a Tunnel 25/09/1975
17. I Spent Ten Years 25/09/1975
18. A Wooden Tree 25/09/1975
19. Barabadabada 17/08/1976
20. Bicarbonate of Chicken 17/08/1976
21. I Ate a Lady's Bun 17/08/1976
22. Stubborn Vassals 17/08/1976
23. Fish 17/08/1976
24. Living Donkey 17/08/1976
25. When I Stand on an Open Cart 17/08/1976
26. Irk 17/08/1976
27. Rubber Toy 17/08/1976
28. Lemon Flower 17/08/1976
29. Everybody Got 17/08/1976
30. Great Grey Grasshopper 10/08/1977
31. A Suck of My Thumb 10/08/1977
32. The Shchi 10/08/1977
33. Get Away from the Wall 10/08/1977
34. The Natural Height of Cloud 10/08/1977
35. Life in a Scotch Sitting Room - Vol2. Episode12(10/08/1977)
36. I Had a Little Boat 10/08/1977
37. I'm Going in a Field 10/08/1977
38. Life in a Scotch Sitting Room - Vol2.Episode13(10/08/1977)
39. Jungle Tip - Owl 10/08/1977
40. Jungle Tip - Lion 10/08/1977
41. Jungle Tip - Boa 10/08/1977
42. Jungle Tip - Leopard 10/08/1977


Unknown said...

A million million and six thanks for this one.

Unknown said...

Forgot to add - Watch Rab C Nesbitt with automated YouTube subtitles. It's as good as the show itself.

Nick said...

This is a real treat Jonny. Appreciate this more than you can imagine.
Thank you.

rev.b said...

I was hoping you'd take a left down Ivor Road. I was flummoxed the first time I heard him. I still can’t make head or or tail of it all, but everything seems to stop when he starts. Don’t imagine this could be the beginning of Ivor Cutler week, but it wouldn’t upset me at all if it were. If one needed pointers on how to socially distance, his might be the best example, certainly unique unto himself. If only fortune cokkis came with inserts by Ivor Cutler....

rev.b said...

I meant cookies, perhaps cokkis makes more sense? Oh and are comments now Google exclusive? I usually choose name/url just to firk with 'em

Jonny Zchivago said...

'Cokkis' is like one of those food items that Ivor frequently writes about..."I don't like Cokkis mammy.I've never liked Cokkis" he exclaimed in a pique of angerrr.
The google comment thing was an attempt for mr accuser of racism to identify himself....but no,He didn't come back. So i will revert to the original setting when i can be bothered.
More Cutler to come.

Anonymous said...

oh mammy!

Anonymous said...

thank you Jonny! Ivor creates the ambience of a bygone era that his sound takes me back to. I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to time-travel with him again.

rev.b said...

Anonymity is the only medium in which an entity like mr. accuser can exist, any chance of identification has the same effect as ultraviolet light on CoVid-19.......*poof*

badgerstump said...

Fremsley is one of my favourite Cutlets. Remarkably prescient in his description of the leaders of our age:

"A great aristocrat burst into the bush with two slavering dogs, his gleaming black taxi driver’s leggings, his sagging kaki jodhpurs, his scarlet commissioners coat with golden epaulets like bath brushes, proclaimed him a man who could execute a sparrow without mercy, or understate the interest in his post office savings bank account to the commissionaires of the inland revenue without annoying at the vitals of his concisions."

“You saved my life” sighed Fremsley. “For better things” I replied ...

Jonny Zchivago said...

A concise character assination of human ego if ever there was one....the sad truth is that its intended target would not comprehend,as is the way of the Psychopath.

Michelle Han said...
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Michelle Han said...
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