Monday, 30 December 2019

Henry Flynt ‎– "New American Ethnic Music Volume 2: Spindizzy" (Recorded ‎– Recorded 006) 2003

Not sure who was first in the minimal drone violinist stakes, but Tony Conrad's one note tirades makes Henry Flynt look like Paganini.Although both of them run Nigel Kennedy Close in the geekiest made kool violinist stakes.But niether of them managed to get off with Mark E. Smiths missus,as,incredibly, Nigel Kennedy did!?.....just being sober-ish and mildly famous was probably enough actually!
Volume One,of the 'New American Ethnic Music' series was "You are my everlovin'/celestial power",which was previously released on cassette in West Germany;so i won't post that again?
This second CD has Henry Flynt showing us that he's a quality Bluegrass fiddle playing American primitive as well as an avant-garde thinker and composer;not something Tony Conrad was either proficient ,or, interested in.
So,if you're expectin' some long scraping drone works, you're gonna be disappointed.This is too authentic an anthropological throwback to allow such flights of fancy.
There are of course a couple of lengthy ethopological lock groove style pieces,that would have gotten Flynt lynched if he actually played them to a real drunken Hillbilly mob,rather than catering for the New York downtown intelligentsia.
All that's missing is an inbred relic from the post mayflower generation to whine some lyrics about killin' and hangin' and I reckon ol' Henry had achieved his quest to return to when life was simple,and the people, they were people I am told,were even simpler.
The only other Yankee,albeit an orange one with tiny hands, these charming simpletons would spare a lynchin' for is Donald Trump.The peasants are indeed revolting.


1.Hoedown (1968)
2.Solo Spindizzy (1971)
3.Banjo Country (1976)
4.White Lightning (1983)
5.Solo Virginia Trance (1975)
6.Double Spindizzy (1975)
7.Rockabilly Boogie (1982)
8.Jumping (1976)
9.Hillbilly Jive (1977)
10.Jive Deceleration (1976)

DOWNLOAD the hoedownload HERE!

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Fanny Blancmange said...

My God, you're a snob. No wonder Labour lost. Thanks for all the music.