Friday, 20 December 2019

Jack Smith ‎– "Les Evening Gowns Damnees - 56 Ludlow Street 1962-1964, Volume I" (Audio ArtKive ‎– Audio ArtKive 01) 1997

If fucking around with your mates and recording it is Art, then so be it. Hell, we've all done it ain't we?...if not ,then you should have.
Jack Smith, who virtually invented 'Camp Art' and zero budget trash cinema, seemed to have a great time at 56 Ludlow Street with his artsy chums, which included most of the nascent Velvet Underground.
It all sounds great fun to these ears.
This is where Lou Reed stole his lyrics from and Warhol stole the ideas for his movies.
Jack Smith is another one of those ignored and forgotten counter culture heroes who accidently inspired others with greater ambitions to achieve imortality.Without Smith there would have been no John Waters,or Laurie Anderson;but Smith did all of this for no other reason than to entertain himself,because there was nothing out there like his films or his living artwork,himself, existed pre-Smith.
He certainly had his fifteen minutes,but thats all he wanted,and all he got.Others,like Lou Reed, outlived their quarter of an hour,and how we wished they hadn't.
In the future everyone will be as obscure as Jack Smith for Fifteen Minutes.


1 Earthquake Orgy
Voice [Screams] – Arnold Rockwood, Jack Smith, Kate Heliczer, Mario Montez, Piero Heliczer 3:53
2 Love Is Strange
Featuring – Frances Francine, Tony Conrad 17:51
3 Jack Smith Reads From "The Great Moldy Triumph" On His 31st Birthday
Engineer – Robert Adler*Voice, Effects – Frances Francine, Ron Rice 6:35
4 Cold Starry Nights
Featuring [Sarinda] – John CaleStrings [Bowed Cembalom] – Tony Conrad 2:19
5 Jack Smith Tells Tales Of Francine 8:08
6 The Second Dance Of The Harem Mongos (Excerpt)
Cymbal [Finger], Drums – Jack SmithFeaturing [Mandola] – Tony Conrad 4:00
7 Jack Smith Reads "Les E. G.'s Damneés"
Guitar [Lute] – Tony ConradStrings [Bowed Mandola] – Angus MacLise 16:13


albrecht koschnik said...


please give this a listen! Absolutely hilarious! I hope JZ will post the other Jack Smith on Table of the Elements as well.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I can confirm that JZ will indeed post volume 2 later today which is equally as good as vol 1.

Andy Tithesis said...

oh boy i am excited it's all brand new to me!