Thursday, 26 December 2019

John Cale - "Sun Blindness Music" (Audio ArtKive ‎– Audio ArtKive 03) 2001

There's snow blindness like sun blindness.
Three more Tony Conrad recordings of John Cale's new york Drone experiments.This stuff was genuinely decades ahead of its time, and the best thing that Cale was ever involved in,unless he was on that Portsmouth Symphonia Record.....the sad thing is, i could easily check,but really whats the point in finding anything out anymore when there's no need to remember it because if I need to know it I can just go on the internet and it will remember it for me.The real danger is trusting technology to remember the facts as they truly were,and not how persons,or machines, unknown want them to be remembered.
Isn't there a Philip K. Dick story on this subject?, don't look that up either.Use your own memory banks.This is whats killing debate in Pubs,as we sit gazing into our beer in relative silence.
Well, i'm gonna go out on a limb and state that Cale was indeed part of Gavin Bryers Portsmouth Symphonia project,so if anyone wants to argue that he wasn't go ahead,but without fucking googling it!
It doesn't matter if he was or if he wasn't,but at least we tried?
"We can remember it for you"!?


1 Sun Blindness Music
Organ [Vox Continental] – John Cale 42:42
2 Summer Heat
Guitar – John Cale 11:06
3 The Second Fortress
Sounds [Electronic Sounds] – John Cale 10:36

1 - October 28, 1967
2 - August 1965
3 - Late 1967/Early 1968
DOWNLOADS for the sunblind HERE!

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Salem Tunes said...

I remember when this came out. I was on my way to Tower Records to get it and could hear this incredible droning scraping sound as I got closer. I was convinced that the album in question was being played there! However, sadly, it was just the sound of the escalators. Boy, did that escalator sound good!