Monday, 23 December 2019

Theatre Of Eternal Music :featuring John Cale / Tony Conrad / Angus MacLise / La Monte Young / Marian Zazeela ‎– "Inside The Dream Syndicate Volume I: Day Of Niagara(1965)" ( Table Of The Elements ‎– 74 W) (1965 / 2000)

Grandaddy of the minialist drone epic, La Monte focused his attention on pieces of extended duration, with minimal, often microtonal, change,since,i am told, the fifties???? For this reason, he is known as thee initiator of the minimal music "movement". All originators need to surround themselves with like-minded individuals at some stage,and the list on the cover of this album reads as a who's who of early minimalism.
More or less a Minimalist Super Group, 'The Theatre Of Eternal Music',later known,by Cale and Conrad, as The Dream Syndicate, was formed by La Monte Young, to focus on experimental drone music. Again, no-one thought of recording this stuff in a studio, because they likely thought that no-one would want to listen to it for more than 30 seconds. This rare live recording of the Theatre in action in 1965, lasts for a standard tape reel length of thirty minutes......not until the CD age would we get to hear the full five hours of "The Well Tuned Piano", and now, even that can be edited together to run continously on a computer without changing discs.
Young was born in a log cabin in the american wilderness, and somehow graduated to playing his Indian influenced drones at Yoko Ono's loft after he relocated to the Big Apple in the early sixties. Some people are just born into it, it seems? Most of us have to work at it, but some, like La Monte, just effortlessly go where nobody else has dared to tread.......then get ignored. He's still far less known than Cale, Conrad, and Terry Riley, but maybe thats a good thing......the public will only ruin him...maybe get him to do an album with Faust, or join a pop group like Cale did.


1. Inside The Dream Syndicate Volume I: Day Of Niagara (1965) 30:54

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