Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Combo FH ‎– "Věci / Things" (Panton ‎– 8113 0184) 1981

Amother I got from the bargain bin in the Ultima Thule progressive record shop in Leicester back in the nineties;I think this was one pound.
More Czech, brass heavy prog, with a distinct Zappa influence.
Apparently there is a Frank Zappa statue in Prague somewhere. The Zappa family did originate,rather fittingly, from bohemia before they wisely emigrated to California.I did have a friend from the same area, who ultimately drove into a tree and died, but he did look like Zappa, a grungier version of Zappa, but nonetheless he had that Bohemia look.(especially after the accident!)
There was also a Czech prog fusion band actually Called 'Bohemia', which i considered posting, but its a bit too jazzy for me....as well as being a bit Shit....but is considered a Czech prog classic...and why not?
Combo Fh could have easily fitted into the UK post-punk prog scene if they had been let out to hang at Rough Trade in London...but,alas, they would have needed a major make over, a shave at least, to make it alongside Pigbag or Blurt.


1.Guma-Gu / Rubber Blubber 4:13
2.Sedli A Jedli / They Sat And Ate 3:13
3.Ouklejí Slalom / Dace Race 4:26
4.Juta Targo 1:49
5.Řezník Zítra Nepřijede / The Butcher Won't Come Tomorrow 1:59
6.Sen Sušené Jahody / Dried Strawberry's Dream 3:46
7.Laserová Pouť / Laser Pilgrimage 2:49
8.Koko A Bučka / Koko And Bottage 1:35
9.Je Za Deset Minut, Pardále / It's Ten To, Bully Boy 2:55
10.Přilož Ucho / Give Your Ear 3:01
11.Druhá Nejlepší Pastička Na Myši / Second Best Mousetrap 2:29
12.Zelený Muž / Green Man 1:48
13.Tam Na Horách V Rákosí / On The Hilltops In The Rushes 1:35
14.Asi To Zabalíme, I Josef Už To Zavinul / Weather Report For 15.Tonight, Let's Call It A Day 2:29


rev.b said...

Thanks, I like this album. Don't think I've heard Bohemis. Aw go'head, post 'em already. I imagine there are a couple decent nuggets to be dug from the turd. As I wade through the bowl of music blogs, I maintain a folder to toss those type of decent tracks from otherwise shite releases. It makes for an interesting playlist every few months. I appreciate the wider view of east euro bands over the past several weeks and have enjoyed a lot of it. Perhaps it's something to do with big noses and grungy beards, clean 'em up and you scrub away all the good bits.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Ok, will post, track 2 is good,if you edit out the vocals.