Monday, 2 December 2019

SBB (Silesian Blues Band) - "Nowy Horyzont" (Polskie Nagrania Muza ‎– SX 1206) 1975

SBB themselves...ahhhh they look all sad!?
Remember when Gary Glitter 'retired' and the band behind the great man carried on....the pure liquid genius that was 'The Glitter Band'?...yes?
Well SBB were the genius behind Czeslaw Niemen.
An acronym for the Silesian Blues Band, they were thee best Prog band in Poland, if not the whole Soviet Bloc, and within a chance to be the best in Europe?....well maybe that's going a little too far,but, musicianship-wise, they were smoking daddio!
As their former leader, Singer and keyboard leg end, Mr Nieman went on a electronic journey to the centre of the cosmos, the rockier side of his myth went on a progressive journey to fit as many notes, time signatures, and tempo changes into the medium of Rock fusion as possible. That sounds like my kinda shit....and it is.
I have a family connection with Silesia, as my dear departed Daddy spent three years there as a prisoner of war of the occupying Nazi's.The fucking Germans tried to kill him!?....what were they thinking of? 
But, now we're all friends in that wonderful concept of peace...the European UK don't wanna be friends no more?......which reminds me to remind all forward thinking Brits who may read this before dec 12th, to vote tactically and fuck over your local Tory. There's a small chart in the side column of this blog. Target numero uno is Rees-Mogg, then Posh Fat-Boy Johnson himself.


1.Na Pierwszy Ogień (Curtain Raiser) 3:15
2.Błysk (A Flash) 2:45
3.Nowy Horyzont (The New Horizon) 7:47
4.Ballada O Pięciu Głodnych(A Ballad About The Five Hungry Ones) 3:55
5.Wolność Z Nami (Freedom With Us) 20:00

Bonus Tracks:
6 Xeni 6:39
7 Penia 15:59
8 Dyskoteka 6:55
9 Na Pierwszy Ogień 6:49


sweethooligan said...

Fuck the Tories!

kevinesse said...

on youtube there is a song ostensibly that is called Dyskoteka. it's a scorcher. what gives Johnny? WHAT GIVES?

kevinesse said...

ooops...........nevermind. Just kidding. heh. figured it out. I'll let myself out.....

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yes young man, it's on the cd bonus tracks,NOT the original LP.which i haven't got, so I dunno why i neglected to list the bonus tracks.
So I forgive you.
Close the door after you've left.

V said...

Ah yes, the wonderful concept of peace (and "diversity") that brought the most recent London Bridge attacks, acid bombings, rapes, stabbings on every street corner. Take a bow, Corbyn.