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Henry Flynt ‎– "Back Porch Hillbilly Blues Volume 1 & 2" ( Locust Music ‎– LOCUST 16 / 14) 2002

Avant-hillbilly Anti-Art fiddler Henry Flynt scuffles and scrapes his way through a most peculiar set of electrified and acoustic bumpkin fiddle howls and screeches recorded around the early to mid 1960s.Extended modal country jams hint at the repetitious drone epics of the New York avant garde New York-isms,self masturbatory schisms and jisms that were for the bedroom genius's that have since released enough drone music to fill meteor crater several times over. Henry is clever enough, and i'm certain he thinks he's clever enough, to mix up the drone with some lock grooved hillbilly stompers that raise this above the status of just another smart arse from early sixties east village ,showing us dumb fucks how to be edgy. We naturally cognitively nihilistic types, are something Henry would have traded his fiddlers elbow for back in his more studious lecturing days.
Length is a big part of the Flynt gestalt, since the ultimate goal is an escape from the song form that so totally dominates old-timey and country music. Instead, elements of these genres -- boogie riffs, familiar chord progressions, fiddle riffs -- become parts of repeating patterns like a needle stuck in a groove, akin to a hillbilly version of Boyd Rices''Non';although there's no Nazi element as is with Boyd Rice, there exists an unavoidable stench of the KKK with any bluegrass and country connotation.


Volume 1:

1.The Snake 3:40
2.Sky Turned Red 2:35
3.Acoustic Hillbilly Jive 12:01
4.Blue Sky, Highway And Tyme 15:53
Volume 2:
1.Echo Rock 5:30
2.Informal Hillbilly Jive 13:01
3.White Lightening 5:45
4.Jamboree 10:18

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