Thursday, 8 June 2017

Prag VEC ‎– "Bits EP" (Spec Records ‎– SP001) 1978

A group frequently seen supporting nigh-on every 'post-punk ' act going, especially Magazine, in 1978/9 was proto-indie arty types Prag VEC.
Admirably 'Prog' free, they were an early pointer to what would become know as 'Indie' to floppy fringed students everywhere.
The band name was apparently a contraction of the two words "pragmatism" and "vector", chosen at random.
Later line-ups featured Jim "Foetus" Thirlwell, whose career went decidedly downhill, musically, from there, but uphill in terms of success.Personally, Foetus is one of those musical projects I can't abide......unlike Prag VEC who are brilliant; even though they occasionally indulge themselves with that Post-Punk cliché of writing a song with French lyrics. A 'proggy' tactic to show your peers how intellectual you works, and as a bi-product you inevitably get an audience in France; and they will never forget you for it.

A1 Existential 2:30
A2 Bits 1:41
B1 Wolf 1:49
B2 Cigarettes 2:27

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One of my favorites. Thanks!