Sunday, 11 June 2017

Prag VEC - "Live in Plymouth 20-02-1979" (Bootleg)

An extremely rare bootleg of Prag VEC in a live situation.
Its an audience recording, but quite good quality.I have no idea if they are supporting a main act or if they are headlining, but its a short set of around twenty minutes, which suggests the former.I suspect its from Magazine's uk tour early in 1979.


1- Expert
2- Uh Oh Erotic
3- Wolf
4- Toast
5- Bits
6- Ruby
7- Third Person

DOWNLOAD from the place where England kicked out their god-squad from and sowed the seeds of the american taliban that haunts us to this day......i am ,of course, referring to those pilgrim father idiots embarking on the mayflower for the new world, and landed in a place that they called plymouth!!? least in 360 years time Prag VEC played a gig in plymouth(UK) to erase this stain?HERE!


GRK. said...

Hey, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Werent the pilgrim fathers a bunch of cryptojews (freemasons)?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Cryptotwats actually.

Exeter said...

What a great Post! I love Prag Vec!