Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The Pop Group ‎– "Cabinet Of Curiosities" (Freaks R Us ‎– FREAK 2) 2014

The reformation of The Pop Group has finally brought about the release of the remainder of the Pop Group archives.
This is the companion disc to the "We Are Time" official bootleg. A couple of live unreleased tunes,an 'original' version of a classic, remixes,and the rest of the Peel session from the tenth of August 1978; including a slow motion version of "Words Disobey Me". There's a weird 'pop' version of "Don't Sell Your Dreams" that reminds me of the crud that they would release in the recent reformed version of this classic group.
I double checked to see if the new stuff was as bad as I thought, so I re-listened to "Citizen Zombie" from 2015, and it was even worse than I remembered! Yes it really does sound like Haircut 100 fronted by Mark Stewart. Its even shitter than the 21st century version of PiL.


1-Where There's A Will (Foel Studio 1980, Remastered Single)
2-She Is Beyond Good And Evil(Ramport Studio 1978,Original Version)
3-Colour Blind (Live Brussels 1978)
4-Words Disobey Me (Peel Session 10-08-1978)
5-Don't Sell Your Dreams (Demo 1978)
6-We Are Time (Peel Session 10-08-1978)
7-Abstract Heart (Live Brussels 1978)
8-Amnesty Report III (Previously Unreleased Mix Of 1979 Single)
9-Karen's Car (Live Helsinki 1980)


heavy_dubby said...

probably citizen zombie is like haircut 100 because they used a mainstream producer. honeymoon on mars is produced again by dennis bovell, so it's a little bit harsher, if i can say so :)

Vaykorus said...


Jonny Zchivago said...

Oh, ok, i'll give "Honeymoon on Mars" a listen to be fair.....but i still can't help thinking 'what's the point'?