Friday, 9 June 2017

Prag VEC - "No-Cowboys" (Spec Records – reSPECt 1) 1980

Post-punk enigmas ,prag VEC, never released an actual album as such; but they did release a fake compilation called 'No Cowboys,which was filled with tracks by themselves (prag VEC) masquerading as fake groups with names like 'The Couch Potatoes' and 'Vince Quince And His Rialto Ballroom Detectives'.Hi-jinks indeed?
It also features Jim Thirlwell on the Wasp Synth, in the days before he became a Foetus; his work never got better than this.
Experimental proto-indie Art-rock of the highest caliber.

A1 –Laugh
A2 –Third Person
A3 –Nervous
A4 –Happy Valley
A5 –Mens Casual Wear 1962
A6 –Breaking Point
A7 –Your Your Lay Lay
A8 –By The Sea
B1 –Uh Oh Erotic
B2 –Welcome Home
B3 –My Name's Eddie
B4 –You're The Gun
B5 –Cigar-Ettes (Y.M.C.A. Oct 79)


heavy_dubby said...

thanks a lot. to be combined with:

Nihil Yung said...

Never heard this but have heard of this. Lemme give you kissy.

parmalee said...

Any other recordings featuring the WASP or GNAT would be much appreciated. To my knowledge, those only the only commercially available synths which use 555 timers for the VCO, and all the other chips are CMOS except for a couple of OTAs and a 386 (I think). And it was like 1978. Yeah!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Kissy received , without tongue aktion i assume?

Jonny Zchivago said...

555 timers????.....CMOS?????....OTAs????? blind me with your science!?
It is 1978 innit?....please tell me it is!

parmalee said...

Digital voicing and chips and suchlike, but with analog "interfacing". But more important: very straightforward design, operating at very low voltage (5v DC), so it's like an invitation to hack. Also, and consequently, they sound unlike anything that came before--in a good way, not like yamaha dx abominations.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yuk....the of thee worst synths ever.....FM modulation seems to ring a bell (not a dx7 bell sound mind) my tech memory,when i used to be into these things.
Thanks for enlightening us on all things WASP.

Anonymous said...

I have always despised DX-7s - Thank you for addressing this!