Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The Pop Group ‎– "We Are Time" (Rough Trade ‎– ROUGH 12, Y Records ‎– Y 5) 1980

The Pop Groups 'Official' bootleg, compiling demos, live tracks,and radio sessions onto one handy black disc. Not a bad track on here (excepting 'springer',which is rather irritating).
The revived Poop Groop are currently destroying their legacy at a concert venue and record shop near you, but don't let that detract from the brilliance of their back catalogue,which you should already have in your collection and know intimately.Of which 'We are Time' is an essential part.


1- Trap - demo 78
2- Thief of Fire - live Electric Ballroom 79
3- Genius or Lunatic - live Brussels 78
4- Color Blind - demo 78
5- Spanish Inquisition - live 79 (venue unknown)
6- Kiss the Book - John Peel Session 78
7- Amnesty Report - Foel Studios 79 

8- Springer
9- Sense of Purpose - demo 78
10-We Are Time - live Glastonbury 79


rev.b said...

Well chosen. This is the stuff that makes the hairs on my neck bristle.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah, good innit?

rev.b said...

It does highlight how far they've stooped. Reformed bands suck more often than not.

MAD4MUSIC said...

I distinctly remember the thrill of chancing upon this LP in a record store in Toronto in the early '80s. I didn't know there was a third Pop Group album at the time and I've never come across this record in a shop again. So glad I snapped it up that day in Toronto. It's a disc I've returned to many times over!