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Glaxo Babies - "Singles and Sessions 1979-80" (a Die or DIY? Compilation)

Another classic post punk combo from Bristol are Glaxo Babies, briefly called Gl*xo Babies when the pharmaceutical giant of the same name threatened legal action unless they changed their name. It was an unflattering reference to the fact that the very same drugs company had provided Thalidomide ,which caused deformities in unborn foetus's.......that's capitalism for you, killing and maiming our kids and ruining our favourite pop groups names.
Glaxo Babies released a string of classic singles and EPs in 1979-80, which were never matched by their long players. Again, this oversight was remedied by the BBC, with two great Peel sessions.
Put all this together and you've got one of the greatest post-punk albums that never existed!
Its almost impossible to choose between "Christine Keeler" , "This is Your Life", "Who Killed Bruce Lee", and punky funk classic "Shake",which was frequently covered live by The Pop Group, as their greatest un-hit.
In fact, bassist Dan Catsis, would add his considerable talents on the four strings for The Pop Group from 1980 onwards(sadly he's also in the recently reformed poop groop!); which explains why they started to sound like the Glaxo Babies plus Mark Stewart from then on.(but doesn't explain why they now sound like Haircut 100?!)
For which track the Glaxo's earned their place on the infamous Nurse With Wound list, i can't be bothered to find out, but on it they are! They are a bit too funky for Stephen Stapleton and chums,but, "It's Irrational", stands out out as an early example of ferocious discordant guitarwork, more akin with the kind of 'No Wave' stuff that was gestating on Thalidomide in New York at the time. Then again, if The Pop Group were american wouldn't we be dumping them in with the No Wave lot too?.....or were they too political for those mid-town trendies, rather like The Glaxo Babies?


01 Christine Keeler [Christine Keeler 7" 1979)
02 Nova Bossa Nova [B-side Christine Keller 7")
03 This Is Your Life [This Is Your Life EP 1979)
04 Stay Awake [This Is Your Life EP 1979)
05 Because Of You [This Is Your Life EP 1979)
06 Who Killed Bruce Lee¿ [This Is Your Life EP 1979)
07 Shake (The Foundations) [single 1980)
08 She Went To Pieces (Live 28-03-1979, Shake B-side)
09 It's Irrational [Peel Session 17-04-79)
10 Bruce Lee [Peel Session 17-04-1979)
11 She Went To Pieces [Peel Session 17-04-79)
12 Burning [Peel Session 17-04-1979]
13 Limited Entertainment [Peel Session 19-02-1980]
14 Dahij [Peel Session 19-02-1980]
15 There'll Be No Room For You In The Shelter [Peel Session 19-02-1980]
16 Permission To Be Wrong [Peel Session 19-02-1980]

DOWNLOAD some mutant post-punk funk HERE!


XDreamist said...

Unsung heroes of the post-punk years! Creative, compelling, intense. Some of the absolutely best material released during that era. With your indulgence, Jonny, here's a link (my rip) to the double-CD reissue in 2005 of the original 1979 vinyl various artists album "Avon Calling: The Bristol Compilation", where Glaxo Babies are ably represented by 6 cuts. A lot of the other are bands are pretty interesting, too, but none quite rise to the level of Glaxo Babies: CD1: CD2: Review & Tracklist:

Jonny Zchivago said...

"Avon calling" should be on here somewhere.....only the original album though.
Probably one of the best of those regional compilations that came out around 79/81......thanks for the links.

Mark L. said...

Along these lines I'm surprised the 2nd Transmitters LP (..And We Call That Leisure Time") hasn't made an appearance here. Also doesn't seem to be up anywhere else. I'd imagine you've got it, but I can send you a link to my old vinyl rip if you want? (there was a Japan only CD in 2007, but rare & spendy)

Jonny Zchivago said...

You are quite over sight on my part. It was listed to be posted, but I must have been distracted and headed off to other areas. Rest assured it will appear at some stage in the new year.I hope to find their first album too,and the singles.

Mark L. said...

I have the 1st LP ("24 hours") which is almost like a totally different band. To me I always felt like "..Leisure Time" was the natural follow up to the Galxo Babies "9 Months To The Disco" :) The tracks from the 2 7"s as well as the "Ugly Man" 12" and Peel Session are compiled on the "I Fear No-One" CD Reissue [ ]
Let me know if you'd like/need any of that stuff and I'll see about sending you a zip... Cheers, M.

Anonymous said...

Came on here as my Diagram Brothers album had disappeared from my pc and one thing led to another (there can't be another blog on the planet with such a great collection of stuff, surely). Looking forward to hearing this lot again, although was never overawed with the funky stuff. Saw them back in '79 and then 2 years ago with the son of the sax player on vocals and the songs still sounded fresh. Keep up the good work.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi Matt,
There used to be similar blogs, but they all got shut down by the maaaaaan during the Megaupload fact they shut me down too, but i had it all backed up.
It never fails to astound me the amount of people who say they've never heard of the Diagram Brothers! me they were a mainstream act.Hopefully we can resurrect their legend.
As for the Glaxo babies, their early phase was nothing short of astounding.
dip your bread in, before the forces that be try it again!